02 November 2010


my sweet husband thinks it will be easier for me to do my blog with iWeb.  i suppose i'll try.  so, for now -- you can find me...

... right here.

David is helping me learn the software -- so far i'm liking it.  i'm pretty sure i'll make a few changes eventually.  and who knows, i may even end up back here. lol.

come on over for a visit.


06 August 2010

back to school

my boys went back to school this morning -- august 6th.  who in the world starts school this early in the month and on a friday?!  we so were not ready -- i'd like a few more weeks of summer, please.

after much grumbling about how early school was starting, and how early we would be getting up again (5:30 am - and i'm not a fan of getting up when it's still dark), i hit the road with my list in hand!  i had to obtain the following:

7 boxes of crayons
5 packages of loose leaf paper
172 pencils
30 pencil top erasers
2 pink pearl erasers
15 colored folders, some pronged and some not
1 trapper keeper
1 protractor
5 pkg of markers (1 washable)
2 sets of color pencils
2 - 1 subject spiral notebooks
6 - 5 subject spiral notebooks (why are these 4.99 each?!)
32  glue sticks
4 boxes of kleenex
4 pairs scissors
3 pkgs of white construction paper
5 pkgs of colored construction paper
1 pkg of manilla drawing paper
1 pkg subject dividers
2 bottles of hand sanitizer
1 bottle of anit-bacterial soap
4 containers of clorox wipes
8 rolls of paper towels
1 container of baby wipes
4 pencil pouches
2 red pens
1 pkg of highlighters
1 pencil box
3 - white 3 ring bingers
$9.00 worth of items for the "treasure chest" ($3/ 3 boys)
$45 worth of required school planners
3 brown leather belts
4 pairs of sneakers
8 pairs of khaki shorts
1 pairs of khaki pants
1 pairs of navy pants
4 pairs of navy blue shorts
20 polos (white, grey, black and gold)
5 oxfords
4 lunch boxes (i'm mean and asked them to use last years backpacks)
6 boxes of Altoids (for 1st day teacher gifts)
the note read: i'm full of excite"mint" and ready to learn!  love, child's name
and lots of groceries for school snacks and packed lunches

not to mention workbook fees, lab fees and PTO fees and the school t-shirts.  

good times i tell ya!

now, i sort of begged by oldest to let us take him today.  i even played the martyer and offered to let his dad drive and i'd stay home.  you see, it's his first day of middle school and i was a little nervous for him. of course he wasn't really nervous for himself and quickly respond with a "um, no thanks, mom -- i'll ride the bus."  REALLY?!  break a mother's heart why don't ya.  not only that, but he gets to leave an hour later than the little boys but he got up early to have me take pictures of him with them so that there was no possible way i'd be outside pointing the camera around when the bus arrived to pick him up.  again i say, REALLY!  it's like he thought i'd drop him off in front of the school and jump out with my ball cap on shooting pictures of him like the paparatzi.  and i so would have.  i would have tried not to, but then i would have thought how sad i'd be not to have those pics and i'd jump out like a crazy person and start shooting.  bahahaha -- just thinking about it makes me laugh out loud. no wonder he rode the bus!

so just like that summer is over and school has started.  i got the new uniforms ironed and school supplies loaded into backpacks, lunches packed and new haircuts all fixed, and then my favorite boys in the whole world got on the shiny yellow school bus and rode away.

20 July 2010

my new necklace.

i really am crazy excited about my new necklace -- not only do i love how it looks, but I MADE IT!!  i've been wanting to make some sort of necklace with a picture for a couple years.  i mean really, you'd think i would have just done it already!

i'm  always hesitant to try making new crafts though.  i hate spending money on the materials only to end up putting them in the trash, so i've just been "wanting to make it".  until now.

a couple years a go i saw a lady with a really cute necklace with a picture of her kiddos in it -- i think it was a metal frame with diamond glaze over it.  i've been looking for that necklace/frame piece since then.  i haven't found one that i love.  and then there are all these crazy cute ones out there that are soldered -- and while i would LOVE to learn to make them.  um, yikes!!  (i do own one though -- because my sweet sister in law bought me one for my birthday, and i love it)  

then i went to Arlington, TX to scrap with my girlfriends and i saw the supplies to make these. and lucky for me i was with my good pal Kelly who quickly said "i'll split the tiles with you." -- THANK YOU KELLY! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  because of her i tried the new craft and i love the result!

so, to make a long story longer -- it was pretty easy to make and i'm ordering different sizes of glass ASAP.  the most difficult part of the entire project is the waiting.  there are seriously only a few steps and tools involved, but waiting on the glue to dry makes the whole process take longer.  however, while i was waiting, i did have time to make those cute flowers i showed you yesterday. (and there was time to do laundry and make some beds, but that's not as fun to talk about.)

the front & the back

i told you i've been busy crafting.  should i have posted pictures of the empty laundry basket, the bare hanging rack and the made beds?!  nah!