20 July 2010

my new necklace.

i really am crazy excited about my new necklace -- not only do i love how it looks, but I MADE IT!!  i've been wanting to make some sort of necklace with a picture for a couple years.  i mean really, you'd think i would have just done it already!

i'm  always hesitant to try making new crafts though.  i hate spending money on the materials only to end up putting them in the trash, so i've just been "wanting to make it".  until now.

a couple years a go i saw a lady with a really cute necklace with a picture of her kiddos in it -- i think it was a metal frame with diamond glaze over it.  i've been looking for that necklace/frame piece since then.  i haven't found one that i love.  and then there are all these crazy cute ones out there that are soldered -- and while i would LOVE to learn to make them.  um, yikes!!  (i do own one though -- because my sweet sister in law bought me one for my birthday, and i love it)  

then i went to Arlington, TX to scrap with my girlfriends and i saw the supplies to make these. and lucky for me i was with my good pal Kelly who quickly said "i'll split the tiles with you." -- THANK YOU KELLY! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  because of her i tried the new craft and i love the result!

so, to make a long story longer -- it was pretty easy to make and i'm ordering different sizes of glass ASAP.  the most difficult part of the entire project is the waiting.  there are seriously only a few steps and tools involved, but waiting on the glue to dry makes the whole process take longer.  however, while i was waiting, i did have time to make those cute flowers i showed you yesterday. (and there was time to do laundry and make some beds, but that's not as fun to talk about.)

the front & the back

i told you i've been busy crafting.  should i have posted pictures of the empty laundry basket, the bare hanging rack and the made beds?!  nah!


Tami Labul said...

That is so cool!!! You are the craft queen!

Jenny said...

Awesome! I love it... so personal and fun!

Jean Gustafson said...

Ok, waiting for mine. Christmas is coming you know. Great idea and love the necklace.

Zach Nash said...

How much are you charging for these? I want to send you a picture so I can give one to milady. Let me know.

Traci said...

I want one!!!! soo cute!