19 February 2009

the house of sickness

So far i stink at this blog thing.  I really want to have one -- I'm bad with time management. However, the past couple weeks have given me more time than usual to be in the house and so here's to keeping it going. 

It didn't really start as the house of sickness, more like the house of "not so good luck".  D and I went to a newspaper awards thingy and while we were gone Sol (son #4) decided to take a face-first plunge into the ottoman and split his cheek wide open.  Not good.  A trip to the ER and a little glue and he's back to normal.  Well, until the next night when it started bleeding for no good reason sending us back to the ER.  Trying to be a good momma I wanted to carry him, comfort him -- and send myself to the ER.  Because while I was doing the comforting/carrying -- I also did some falling down stairs with my darling and broke my foot.  Yes, broke my foot -- a side bone, so lots of pain, bruising and no cast of any sort.

Then starts week 2 -- some strange flu like stuff is making it's way through our house -- 4 down, 1 in the midst and 1 destined to catch it. (the hold out is D -- he'll be the worst)

I need a massage or a week on the beach.

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