13 April 2010

i've got boys in 3 different schools here in mississippi. this is new for me, new and a lot to keep track of! for example: last week was teacher appreciation week at the upper elementary. now i took it upon myself to assume that meant it was teacher appreciation school wide. that would be incorrect. i didn't figure that out until thursday of last week. as a result teachers of sons 2, 3, and 4 received gifts for 4 days. oops. i'll be ready next week for the next round of appreciating those teachers!

i love any excuse i get to "have" to play at my scrapbook desk. since i was getting the chance to be crafty i tried my hand at some cutie pie flip flops for my nieces. (thanks traci for the idea!!) here are a couple pics. the coffee mugs and the flowers (pens with coffee beans in the vase) along with luggage tags that i forgot to take pics of, were for the teachers.

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Simoney said...

Those mugs are great!! I am very impressed with your craftiness :)