04 April 2010

they're here!!

one of my least favorite things about moving is not having friends. of course if you ask my sweet husband, it can be one of his favorite things. he loves time with "just us". while i love time with "just us" -- i sometimes need a coffee break with the girls. i miss the girls.

and although i miss my girlfriends -- i also really miss my oklahoma family. and when i am "friendless" i miss them a whole lot more. a couple weeks ago i was blessed with a visit my sister and her family and now........ MY MOM AND DAD ARE HERE!!

now my ma & pa are polar opposites. my dad likes to sit and visit with my boys, and read, and nap -- if it can be done in the leather chair, he likes it. my mom, on the other hand, does not like to sit, not ever -- she likes to be doing something constructive at all times. before church this morning we had cleaned the kitchen, done 2 loads of laundry, started preparations for lunch and ironed clothes for everyone. i'm not kidding, it was all before breakfast (and before coffee)! and yes, i helped. i love them here and i'm going to miss them terribly when they leave. ten hours seems forever away.

tomorrow she says we're working on window treatments, making flip flops for the little girls, cleaning the rest of the windows on the back of the house and so on. it makes me laugh.


Jenny said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading this!

Simoney said...

I know that feeling of being in a new place; our family moved towns so many times when I was growing up. Thankfully I have a hubby who seems happy to stay put (he already re-planted himself from the UK to NZ); My folks live a 7 hour drive away. I wish they lived closer too, like up the street. xx