16 April 2010

little boys live here.

it's been 10 years since i've been home alone and sometimes it can get really quiet when my boys are at school. i find myself talking to "martin the dog" -- laughing to him about the silly things i find in places they shouldn't be. you know, the sweet little reminders that little boys live here.

this is the first time i've had a jacuzzi tub. i think i can count on one hand the number of times i've been in it. it mostly serves as a small swimming pool for son #4. it's where battles between yoda and robin take place and where the fine art of holding one's breath is perfected. my bathroom floors stay really clean, because the boys really like baths - the playing, not the soaking. there is not a room in the house that doesn't somehow have their stamp on it.

and although i try to keep things pretty organized in their bedrooms (the whole everything has a place idea) i seem to find lego buildings, DSi cases, stuffed animals, etc. outside of said rooms. i mean where else would you put a newly built batch of famous buildings but the top of the refrigerator?! in son #1's defense, i'm guessing he thought it would be the only place his 3 little brothers would not be able to reach without getting caught.

then there's the front door -- down here in the south i've seen some pretty amazing front porches. doors with giant wreathes for the season and large rocking chairs with beautiful pillows -- not a hair out of place. i do not have one of those. if i can get in the front door without tripping over scooters, balls, or countless pairs of flip flops and sneakers it's a good day.

as i was discussing the above with "martin the dog" i decided to snap a few pics -- as a reminder. i know one day legos will be exchanged for car keys and robin and yoda won't be hanging out in my house, much less my tub. my little boys are growing, changing, maturing every day -- some days it's so obvious it hurts my heart. i truly can not imagine a house without 4 stinky boys who need a hug, or a kiss on a scrape, or video game advice (which i do not have, but occasionally make up), or who want me to scratch their backs or snuggle in the big chairs. just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes -- here's to learning to better appreciate each moment i'm blessed with.


Jenny said...

I love it, Hope. Sniff sniff. They grow up way to quickly. It's hard to appreciate all of the mess that kids make at the moment, but I know that some day they will be gone and take their messes with them and I will get teary thinking about the time that the front porch was littered with shoes and dirt and kites, etc...

Jean said...

I can attest to this happening. I remember sitting in the rocker with David in my lap and wishing it would last forever. Alas, it did not. He is the father of those "little boys" now. Cherish every moment as hard as that is at times. I thank God for giving David the "perfect" mother for his children!

Jenny said...

Thanks so much for your email, Hope! I love your blog!