19 July 2010

feelin' frisky ... in a crafty sort of way.

i spend a lot of time planning how i'm going to be more productive throughout my day -- and not quite as much time actually being productive.  i've been trying to do better -- and the last few weeks, i actually have.  as a result, i've had more craft!  hooray!

there are a couple projects i've wanted to get done for the past month or so -- like these pillow cases for Ally (my sister's 5 year old daughter).  they are an accent to some things we've already done in her room.

my sister is not so crafty, but one of my biggest fan when it comes to anything craft related.  she acts like she loves it all -- she may not, but she never lets on.  as a result, anytime Ally needs something girly she thinks aunt hope can make it.  that part makes me laugh.  

then there is this little ruffled booty onesie for my new niece, Reagan.  i've seen several examples of these and there are a few more i want to try, but this is my first attempt. (and a matching bow)

and these little flowers.  i've made some for myself and attached them to flip flops -- and Ally wanted some for hers -- so here they are, all ready for the drive to Oklahoma!

i had made her some fabric flowers for her flip flops but she wanted some fancier ones.  and to be honest -- any chance i get to be all girly i totally love!  
ally & reagan

emerson & jensen

i couldn't resist -- those sweet little girls are my nieces.  and with having all boys in my house (even the dog) -- i really do enjoy getting to make girly things.  now that i'm actively learning to sew...watch out!


Jean Gustafson said...

These items look great Hope. You are jumping in with both feet, so proud of you. When Donna & Debbie were little, I took all my skirts, cut them up and made them dresses. Girls just have to have ruffles! Keep up the good work

Traci said...

love love love the onesie! Aren't they easy?? I make them for everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope Marie,
Those are super freaking adorbz! What did you use to make the flip-flop flowers & the necklace? After I'm done with the renovation (walls, repairs, oh, and did I tell you that I'm going to pull out the carpet & do the floors BY MYSELF?! I'm also thinking of doing a few paintings and maybe making a big wooden box to replace my blanket baskets. Hooyah for girl-power, babe!) I will need something else that is totally different to move on to & obsess over. I love what you've done. You are & always have been an inspiration :-)