16 July 2010

friday follow -- i made a dress!

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here's a fun little tidbit from last weekend.  i made a dress!  calling a real dress might be stretching it a bit -- i mean it's way way casual.  like wear around the pool or to a concert on the beach casual. (which i did -- i think Jimmy Buffet liked it.)

it was supposed to look something like this:

i'm sure there is some trick to using elastic thread that i don't know because, well because the only time i've used it is when my mother-in-law was helping me make a shirt that didn't call for it.  so, i've never actually read instructions for it.  i had a hard time getting it to gather as much as i wanted it to.

i didn't take a pic of the first result -- i wish i had, it was funny and GIANT!  and quite frankly it looked horrible.  but i had just bought a cute little dress at target and i thought maybe i could turn this mess into something similiar.

here are a couple pics -- sort of proof that i actually was sewing it.  and the side seems turned out super duper, if i do say so myself.  i had seen on some tutorial how to make them flat and i love how they ended up looking.

i should have mentioned earlier that i made a poor decision when i decided to use this t-shirty type fabric.  since i'm new at this and all.  i thought it was a little hard to work with -- hard to keep straight.  i think i cried a couple times. lol.  but i was at Hancock Fabrics and it was crazy cheap and i thought i could use it to try things on.  again, not a good decision.  

i needed it to gather around the middle to do the whole blousey thing so i turned it inside out and used some 1/4 inch elastic i had in my sewing box -- i just pulled it taught and sewed along it all the way around the dress, twice.

but here is what i ended up with.  and i like it, a lot.  i left the bottom rough -- because i like how the material rolls on it's own.  and to my surprise -- it's been washed and dried twice and now -- and it's still together.  yeah me!

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Jenny said...

LOOK! AT! YOU! Watch out! Seriously, you are rockin' the sewing machine, Hope! You are awesome! I love that dress! (and the onsies, and the bows, and the flip flops...)