07 July 2010

i may learn to sew yet...

it's been an on-going thing for me, this learning to sew.  about 6 years ago i decided i wanted to be able to, so i asked my mother-in-law to teach me.  she patiently (very patiently) gave me a few lessons and i mastered pajama pants.  but for some reason that is all i ever made.  
i just need to say, that my mother-in-law can make ANYTHING, for real, anything.  I can say "do you think you could make me one of these?" and she can.  i'm talking sock-monkey to winter coat!  the lady is amazing and i am blessed enough for her to take time to teach me an ounce of what she knows.  i wish i would have wanted to learn when i lived 3 miles from her instead of 613 miles.

over the past year or so i've decided i want to really be able to sew, to be able to make cute little things.  why i want to make cute little thing i have no idea, because there is not a single person in my house that would appreciate that sort of thing.  however, i do have some of the most adorable nieces on the face of the earth -- enter cute little sewn things.  wink wink.

plus, what about curtains, and pillows and chair covers and and and.....i just want to sew. and thanks to my friend Jenny over at The Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts and her handy dandy tutorial for a nursing cover, i made something! a real something and no one was here to supervise.

here's proof:
i made a couple of changes. first, i forgot to buy terry cloth so i just made it reversable. also, i ended up making a loop to thread the long strap through because i was afraid that the D-rings might be rough on my sister new washing machine. all in all i think it turned out pretty good. 

i'm sure it's no secret that i'm not actually using the nursing cover -- i'm trying to show that the boning actually works like Jenny said it would.  i sure would have loved a couple of these at several different times in my life.  these cute little things are for babies Reagan Hope and Nash Victor -- my new niece and nephew.

now, i wonder if i can make a dress....


Jenny said...

AWESOME,HOPE!!! I'm so excited that you are sewing again. I love the contrasting fabric! Love it! You totally can make a dress!

Was the tutorial easy to follow? You're the only one I know who has tried it.

Jean said...

Hope, I knew you could do it. Have faith in your abilities, you are doing great. Dive in there and get that dress started. Will give advice if you need it but seems you are doing very well by yourself. Love you!

Jen Ritter said...

Good job! I have material sitting in my office to make the boys some jams. :) I need to make them quick before they realize they're not cool. I still have control over wardrobe right now.

Kelli said...

Gran would be so proud!! =) Good job, Hopie!