09 May 2010


I didn't want to go without saying "happy mother's day"!  what a blessing -- to be called "mom".  i have been blessed beyond measure by these 4 amazing little boys and by their dad.  and although it occasionally breaks my heart to see how fast they are growing up -- i can not wait to see the sort of men they grow up to be.  i know that God has something amazing in store for each of them and i am so very thankful that He chose David and I to be a part of that.


Jenny said...

Hope, I cannot believe how grown up they all look! And you are beaming... what a beautiful mom you are. They must adore you! Happy Mother's Day!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the visit.

What a great Mother's Day you must have had with you wonderful boys :)

Jenny said...

Hi! Saw you on Jenny's blog and came to visit.... What a beautiful family you have! Sounds like your Mothers Day was grand.