03 May 2010

checking in.

so i'm off to work.  yes, work -- the kind with a real paycheck and everything.  i'm not sure how i feel about it.  although i am sure how i feel about the paycheck.  woo hoo!  i guess in all fairness it's not a real life job -- it has required to me to work for 6 days and today is the 6th and final day.  here's the kicker -- i get a paycheck for 6 months!!  yes, 6 months!  it's a commission deal at the newspaper -- the ad runs for 6 months so i get commission the entire run.  i'm in good with the publisher, wink wink.

but i've got a couple things i've done, teacher gifts and some snack bags that i'm a little excited actually sewing.  and since today is my last day of work i'll be able to post the pics soon.  so for now it's just a pic of my flip flops.  when it's warm it's either the flips or the birks.  i like cute, but i love comfort.  today on the way out the door i decided to cut these cute fabric flowers and attach them to my flip flops.  i make them all the time for my scrapbook pages and decided to see how they would look my my shoes.  i'm a fan.

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Andrea Amu said...

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! :)

I love that you added those flowers to your flip-flops... sooo cute!