11 May 2010

happy birthday, Sol.

today my baby is six.  it seems like each new milestone with Sol is bitter sweet for me.  i remember being so  thrilled when he first rolled over and then sad that it would be the last time i'd be thrilled about that. (then crawling, walking, and so on.)  

six sounds so old, so big kid. being the mom of 4 boys i understand that i'm the bee's knees for a bit and then dad trumps me.  with our older boys it was around six.  there's that bitter sweet feeling again. lol.

i guess if you buy into the whole birth order idea, Solly fits the bill for the baby.  he loves to be the center of attention, he's pretty funny, he's good at getting what he wants. (what?! he's the baby!)  and i have to say, i love having "the baby" around.  i told him the other day that i didn't really want him to get bigger, i needed him to stay the baby.  his response "mom, even when i'm big i'll be your baby."  i'm holding him to it.

happy 6th birthday, Solomon.  i love you.

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Jenny said...

Can you get that in writing? Happy Birthday Sol!