14 May 2010

phewwww. friday.

i remember on tuesday thinking friday was so far off -- and now here it is!!  thank goodness.  the last month of school is always filled with so many things .  you remember, don't you?  the field trips, field days, testing, anticipating summer vacation, taking gifts to your teachers, etc. at our house it's sort of boy brains gone wild.

  • Pow Wow days with the kindergarten
  • son #4 gave himself a haircut
  • Pow Wow days with 2nd graders - for this, i manned the concession stand part of the morning
  • a mock trial with the 5th grade gifted class.  that's my son, the bull
  • trying to make sure my beautiful plants survive this mississippi heat!!  i've not grown anything in this weather before -- it's a learning experience
  • zoo trip with the kindergarten
  • making cards for gifts, trying to be frugal
  • and lots and lots of getting of the school bus, running inside to change into trunks and running back out to play in the water and ride bikes.
and that just the highlights -- not to mention all the laundry that goes along with 4 boys that love being outside. (well, really just 3 of them)  the smell of little boys and outside = extra laundry, lots of it.  and the rest of the cleaning, goodness.  i really am looking forward to summer.  the boys and i love it -- and i'm sure David does, too, but he spends most of it at the office working.  the boys and i spend most of it in the sun by some form of water.  awwwww summer, we welcome you.

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hope said...

i have no idea what is going on with those pics.