07 May 2010

the last of the appreciation.

wow, this week has been busy!  I've been meaning to get these pics up for a couple weeks now.  while my in-laws were here, my mother in-law was gracious enough to give me a whirl wind sewing class.  we've had one before -- i can make pajama pants.  so we went back over basics while we were making some cute little reusable snack bags.  I've seen them a million different places online and asked here if she thought we (meaning she) could put one together.  she laughed.  i think that means it was a silly question.  anyhow, she arrived with material in tow and we spent all saturday making snack bags and we squeezed in a shirt.

this is the first one -- the "S" is for Sol, the cute boy is not Sol.  but all the boys love the bags and they are going to save me a few headaches.  my boys all have to take a snack to school each day -- you wouldn't believe how many containers grow legs and walk away.  i thought these might be easy to just throw in their backpacks.  we'll see.  word on the street is they would love them more if the fabric was "cool" because they "are not babies anymore".  ok, got it -- and now i'm looking for something that meets the cool quota.

and last but not least - the Gustafsons have finally finished celebrating "teacher appreciation week".  the boys are at 3 different schools, so the event has gone on for 3 weeks.  this is the last thing i ended up doing.

it's a set of blank cards and a cute little gift box for them to go in.  i'd really like to take credit for coming up with the idea, but i didn't.  another thing my mother in-law did while she was here was teach me to use my Cricut.  so i was all fired up -- and she showed me this easy to follow tutorial  and i was off.  it's a clever idea -- and easy!!  and the teacher's loved them. (thanks Momo!)

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